Risus - Planejammer - Touch the void

Prelude One

Having traveled from the Rock of Baal to the burgeoning asteroid settlement of Footfall the Star Elf explorer Talo Alteris sets his eyes upon a Tradesman which has only recently been put up for sale by the Dwarven Long Bottom clan whom have since completed the construction of a small fleet of craft with hulls made from Steel. During docking Alteris witnessed one of these craft – The Dwarven Dreadnought Adamantium – moving alongside them, towing what looks to be an Illithid Dreadnought behind it which looks to have been marred by combat.

Passing through customs Alteris is quick to the administration building – positioned within the Dwarven Mooring district of Footfall – where he confirms his identity as a trusted full member of the Faerun Iron Spear clan. The Dwarves at first seem resistant to the thought of a Elf being part of a Dwarf clan inner circle until a test provided by the Iron Spears confirmed this. The test involved revealing an exotic Planar metal which seemingly peaked his curiosity and resulted in approximately ten minutes of interrogation about the metal, it’s origins and properties. According to the Dwarven official in charge the look in this elves eyes as the metal was exposed gave up his status as a ‘Not-Dwarf-Dwarf’ almost instantly.

During the subsequent paper-work it is revealed to the Dwarf Initiate Eberk that Mr Alteris was in part responsible for the restoration of the Iron Spear clan’s Stronghold along with the revival of their legendary Forgemaster Dugreden – which required that the soul of said Dwarf be freed from it’s imprisonment of a Human Lich whom had used the Dwarfs knowledge to equip his army. .

As payment the Iron Spears contacted the Long Bottoms and purchased the Spelljammer in exchange for some of the holy metal known as Vercasium which is now being exported thanks to the recovery of the mine under their now restored Stronghold. Touring the craft Alteris is satisfied that it is in good condition and asks the Long Bottoms if they had any individuals willing to join him and if they had any particular tasks which needed undertaking. The Dwarfs informed him that they would contact him within the next week or so.

During this time Alteris purchased a significant amount of glass and begun enchanting it with his Star Eleven magic. The purpose of this was to replace the rigging with this glass to reduce the required crew and using a good portion of his remaining cash Alteris purchased several gems which were used to form a control core at the base of the helm which would regulate the sails through a mental interface. The sight of which stirred the attention of several Dwarves as the Tradesman had not been removed from the Dwarven moors.

Additionally a Glass Golem whom had escorted Alteris to Footfall was reconfigured into a bow-mounted Shatter-Cannon.

Whilst this task was undertaken a Dwarf Sargent mocked the use of glass to which Alteris challenged him to try and break the glass. The Dwarf Sargent opted to use a Dwarven-made non-enchanted Warhammer against the glass-rigging. The result saw the Warhammer’s head split cleanly in two, however this was mostly due to Alteris transferring a significant portion of his energy into the ship during this test.

Over the remainder of the week Alteris and the Tradesman were mostly left alone by particularly belligerent members of the Long Bottoms.



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