Crimson Sunrise

Tradesman - Spelljammer


Hull Cost: 15,000
Helm Cost: 100,000 GP

Class: Tradesman
Helm: Minor Helm
Hull: Thick Wood (2)


Salvaged from the coast of a small island in Faerun the Heartless was salvaged and eventually purchased by the Party, however a spirit seems to reside within its hull.

Within her logs she was confirmed to have once been known as the Dawnbringer under the command of a group of adventurers that had no captain – rather – all decisions were made as a group. And following it’s capture by a group of pirates the vessel seemed to suffer various faults including temporary failure of the helm at times. At some point the craft was discovered and recovered where it was taken to Footfall. Owned for ten years by a Dwarven tradesmen the craft was once again discovered having emerged from the Flow without a crew and has since been left adrift at the edge of the Crystal Sphere.

Crimson Sunrise

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